Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How I Met Your Mother, House, and Wednesday night premieres

Well, I think Heroes has officially taken a backseat to the rest of my television viewing. I just can't get excited about it. And when I would rather watch an episode of Arrested Development at for the 20th time than catch up on Heroes, then its time to let that show go.

I'm not sad about it. It happens all the time. There's just too much to watch and not enough time to waste on shows that I don't enjoy. Although it's a sad state of affairs when apparently I always have time to watch I Love Money (although in my defense, VH1 airs it, like, twenty times every day...) Anyway, sometimes you and your shows need to take a break. And sometimes, when they regain their creative stride or there's a new character or storyline that piques your interest, you pick them up again. It happened to me with several shows, including Lost, the original Beverly Hills 90210, and House.

Anyway...How I Met Your Mother left me kinda eh this week. Even a brilliant show like that can't be brilliant all the time, but it has a track record of picking up steam as each season progresses, so I'm not worried.

I'm liking the dynamic on House between House and his PI (Lucas?)...he's quirky, strange, and keenly observant, and Michael Weston and Hugh Laurie are playing well off each other, creating some fun banter, so much so that for a second, just a split second, I forgot that Robert Sean Leonard wasn't even in the episode. It's okay for now. Wilson better be coming back soon, though.

Now, somehow, it's Wednesday already. I'm just starting to realize how much television I watch on a delayed schedule, whether on my DVR or on the Internet, and how quickly the television landscape is changing (we got our DVR at home just about two years ago). Advertisers must be going nuts becoming multimedia savvy and finding ways to make commercials as interesting as the shows that sell them so that people will still watch them (I know there are some commercials I actually don't fast forward through when I'm using my DVR, but that's a topic for another post...). Anyway, I guess all media fields are changing, not just television, but it's just something I'm noticing now by actually focusing on it. Um, what was I talking about again?

Oh, right, it's Wednesday (and only two days till the weekend, or one day till my Thursday shows and four days till the new Mad Men...oy...). Why is this Wednesday better than, say, last Wednesday? Because tonight we have the premiere of Pushing Daisies. I don't love this show as much as I love some of the other sophomore shows this season, but talk about television as art! I could write an entire essay simply on the visual stylization of this show and the lyrical, poetic dialogue and narration. Oh, and the symmetry! It's amazing (pathetically, I do enjoy symmetry more than a lot of things in life). Not totally on board the Anna Friel love train, but I totally drive the Lee Pace train (excellent on this show, but he totally rocked his role on the too short lived Wonderfalls) and who woulda thunk that Chi McBride has a hilarious deadpan delivery?

Charlotte "Chuck" Charles: I had the strangest dream! I was being strangled to death with a plastic sack.
Ned: You were strangled to death with a plastic sack. [pauses] That's probably an odd thing to hear but I wasn't sure how to sugar-coat it…

This is followed by the season premiere of Private Practice, a dreadfully boring and nondescript name stuck between two creative and descriptive names (it's like how the name considered for one movie was the somewhat sad and bittersweet Goodnight, Moon and ended up being the mundane and generic Stepmom. Really? Someone thought Stepmom would be a great movie name? Please don't get me started on this - it's also another topic for another post!) Anyway, back on track...basically I watch Private Practice because of Grey's Anatomy. I liked Addison Montgomery on Grey's. And I watch it for the actors - Tim Daly, Amy Brenneman, most especially Taye Diggs (who, I would like to note as he has gained fame and popularity, I was a huge fan of 12 years ago when he was in a new, little Broadway show called Rent. That boy can sing! In fact, I might keep watching PP on the off chance the writers decide to have his character sing...) The thing is, I'm not sure I could tell you a single storyline from last season. Oh, I did enjoy the unexpected romance between Charlotte and Cooper - that was cute. And I always enjoy guest star David Sutcliffe on my screen. But if I wanted to watch a show about people who act like a bunch of high schoolers with raging hormones, I'd watch 90210. Or, apparently, I Love Money. I think I want a little more substance from this show. So we'll see what tonight brings.

Which brings me to the 10 pm premiere of Dirty Sexy Money. This show for me is just like How I Met Your Mother - it was never on my preseason list of shows to check out (yes, I do that - any excuse to make a list), but on a whim, I checked out the pilot and was immediately hooked. Again, this is a show with great actors, which always makes everything better. The main characters are billionaires, so of course there are outrageous storylines involving private flights to Italy and million dollar birthday parties and mansions and fabulous clothes and there's also a murder mystery and several love stories and there was a paternity mystery too. But like on Brothers and Sisters, these characters interact like family. I can believe that even when they don't like each other, they love each other, and there are some scenes, especially involving the Darling brothers, where I can pretend they're actually brothers. They set up a lot of loose ends at the end of last season. Can't wait to see where it goes tonight...

Tripp: [Drunk] Brian, what a wonderful wedding sermon, so much humanity, so much hope. There really is such a kind person buried deep down inside you. Deep, deep down! Inside you... somewhere!?!
Brian, Sr: Thanks dad.

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