Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reasons why I love Eli Stone

1. Jonny Lee Miller, for starters. Have loved him since he was in Hackers in 1995, which was also the first movie in which I saw Angelina Jolie, whom Miller married the next year. He's always been cute, he's always been a little bad-ass, but in this show he makes Eli someone you want to root for.

2. It's just a little bit zany. Hallucinations? People breaking into song? George Michael as maybe-God? It's just over the top enough to be fun.

3. It's a show with heart. The human connections feel real. I particularly like Eli's relationship with his brother Nate, and the backstory about their father, and how he may have been a drunk because that was the only way for him to deal with his own hallucinations. I love complicated characters and stories.

4. It's a show about faith. It's not about religion, per se, but Eli is a man who wants to believe he has a purpose in life, who wants to believe that there's a higher power, who wants to believe he can be a better person and that he has reasons to try to be a better person, who wants to believe there's something meaningful about life and about living...well, what's wrong with that?

Eli Stone premiered with a twist I didn't see coming - well, two actually, and as someone who depends on spoilers almost as much as she depends on air, it's hard to surprise me, so kudos to that. I was also wondering how they would deal with Eli having his aneurysm removed last season, and so discovering that it had "regrown" handled that nicely. By the way, if it hadn't been brought back this season, I thought last season (it's first) was a pretty complete arc (much like Wonderfall's first and only season) that could have left fans satisfied. I thought the finale was pitch-perfect, and for someone who uses tv mostly as a humorous escape from her less-humor filled life, to say that about an episode that left her both smiling and in tears is saying a lot.

Eli Stone is on ABC on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Watch it!

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