Thursday, October 9, 2008

In mourning over Dirty Sexy Money

This show, for all it's extravagent over-the-topness last season, really was a heartfelt show about family last year and now I can barely watch it without rolling my eyes at how ridiculous it has become. I'm so sad! Last year, this really was a show I never expected to fall for that I ended up loving, and I was almost embarrassed to be watching last night's episode.

I think, for the most part, the storylines are no more over-the-top than they were last year - Letitia is arrested for Dutch's murder, Jeremy has an affair with the prosecutor on the case, Nick has to pick someone to be next in line to take over the company - but I think last year the show would have dealt more with the characters' reactions to and the fallout from each of these things. The characters and this show used to have heart. Now they all act like robots.

Donald Sutherland's Tripp seems to have had the biggest character assassination. He used to be complex, a man who obviously cared for his family, who obviously loved his best friend Dutch, who obviously felt betrayed by Dutch and Letitia's affair, who wanted the best for his children but who sometimes took the easy way out afforded by all his millions. It was easy to believe he would do anything to help Nick find out who killed Dutch and at the same time, it was just as possible that he was the man who had killed him. Now, he's like a one-note villain. And let's not get started on Lucy Liu. I like her, but she brings nothing to this show.

Still, I feel hopeful. Or maybe I'm just deluding myself. I have been known to have a hard time letting things go, but I feel like I see glimmers of the old show I fell in love with. I actually like Karen more this season. She used to be a vapid socialite heiress in love with Nick. Now she's got a bit of dimension, scheming either with or against her father with or against Simon Elder (the fact that I can't tell which is what I like). Last night, I saw a bit of the old Lisa George, the down-to-earth character that was trying to keep her husband grounded, from being sucked into that crazy Darling world. And Brian - oh grumpy, hilarious Brian - is still the same. I think he's my favorite character. If they mess with him at all, I may have to break up with this show for good.

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