Monday, October 20, 2008

Feed the actresses: Rachel Boston

Okay, there has been a lot of press about the skeletal frames of several of the young actresses on the CW's 90210, and while their skinniness is beyond disturbing to me for a multitude of reasons (their health, their self-esteem, the fact that I have a boyfriend who has been in the hospital for almost two years and was so sick at one point that he almost died because he couldn't gain weight and looked like a starving Ethiopian...we should all be ashamed/appalled at a society/industry that forces/influences young girls (and guys)to voluntarily lose that much weight. End rant), I don't watch that show. The show I do watch is The Ex List, which features as a supporting character the actress Rachel Boston. I loved Rachel when she was on American Dreams. I love her on this show. But why does it look like she's spent the years in between these two shows in a work camp? Before, she looked healthy. Now, I just want to shove a bunch of hamburgers down her throat, because as much as I am enjoying this show and her performance, I am always distracted by any scene which she is in by how thin her arms are. Come on, Rachel! It's okay to have a little meat on your bones!

Rachel Boston in 2004

Rachel Boston now (and I don't think this picture even conveys how skinny she looks on my this picture, it's more apparent in her clavicle and in her face...)

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