Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting into the groove: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This is the Philadelphia I know and love. I knew it would find its groove. It always does and last night's hour long episode had more than a few laugh out loud moments. Some highlights for me:

Mac in a wedding dress.
Charlie trying to put all his belongings in a bandana on a stick because that's what makes hobos so cool.
Frank and Dennis trying to figure out the best way to use the glory hole in their bathroom.
Mac and Charlie trying to fake their deaths with varying disappointing results.
Dennis' hurt feelings at being left out of the suicide pact.
The orgy with a buffet and the fact that everyone seemed more excited about the food than the anonymous sex.
The duster.
Mac and Charlie's lack of stealth.
Mac smushing Dee in the face.

I don't think I would enjoy the selfish, mean, stupid antics of this crew so much if they didn't always get exactly what was coming to them afterward. Well, I might. I do have the sense of humor of a frat boy. But really, I can't wait to go back and watch this episode again.

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