Monday, December 31, 2012

Anticipating returning tv shows in 2013, but one in particular...

Cougar Town returns in January - its on a new channel, but hopefully its still got the heart & laughs of a typical Bill Lawrence sitcom.

Psych is another long-awaited returning show - I believe new episodes start in February, and despite how little I care for the Shawn-Jules romance, I'm still in love with this show, thanks mostly to the ever reliable and adorable Shawn-Gus bromance. Oh show, don't ever leave me alone for so long again.

But perhaps my most anticipated and long-awaited returning show is not on television, but on Netflix. According to, Arrested Development will make its 14 episode fourth season on Netflix beginning May 4. This news makes me so happy I could cry.

Oh Bluths, you deplorable but hilarious family, thank you for returning to my life!! :)

You can read the full article at here.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

CBS renews 'How I Met Your Mother' -- with full cast -- for season 9

I am beyond disappointed at this news.

At one point, I would have been thrilled. At one point, I was a die-hard How I Met Your Mother Fan. I didn't just love the show - I was IN love with the show. It was a creative, hilarious, off-color, heartfelt, and realistic coming-of-age and finding-your-way story that any New Yorker in particular and any twentysomething in general could relate to, all at the same time. As I was just saying to my fiance, I could watch the repeats every day. And in fact, sometimes I do. I even turned him onto the early seasons of the show. He's a huge Barney Stinson fan. Who can blame him? Barney rocked.

But the past few seasons have been shaky at best, sucky at worst. I don't want to accuse the showrunners and writers of getting lazy, but its got to be difficult to put together 22 episodes every year for eight years. Sometimes, the story is just finished. The British TV model is almost better - 6-12 episodes every year (or sometimes every other year) for four years, tops, with the exception of Dr. Who, and then the story is done.

Is it network greed? HIMYM is still a successful show for CBS. CBS still wants to make money. Hence, bring the show back. If I was any of the showrunners or actors, I would have a hard time turning down a lot of money to show up and phone it in. I had hopes when I heard Jason Segel didn't want to return for a season 9. Out of all of the actors, his career is the one on the fast track. He's putting together a pretty successful movie career. He doesn't need this show. If it was the old days, I would've called him a hero, how even though he's a Hollywood big shot he was remembering the show and people who (mostly) put him on the map. But I was really hoping he would hold out and force the show to end this season.

Season 8 was supposed to be the last. I started watching again this season because it was supposed to be the last, and I wanted to see how this once-great show that I once loved, ended. HIMYM was supposed to be like Lost - it was supposed to have been given a set number of seasons and episodes to go so that the creators could think of and set up, convincingly, their end game. I thought it was a great plan. Shows very rarely get that certainty, that end point that they can plan for. HIMYM is a show that kinda sorta required a plan and an end game. And now, we have a whole new season next year to contend with.

Obviously, I feel a lot more passionately about this than I thought - I didn't expect this blog entry to be so long. It makes me mad that a show that I used to love is now a show that I wish would just go off the air already. But maybe a change in their game plan requires a change in my game plan - since this is no longer the final season, maybe I'll watch 1st-5th season repeats on Monday nights instead, when the writing was crisp, sharp, and witty, when the characters were three-dimensional, well-rounded people who grew and learned and changed, when this show still made me laugh, then made me cry, then made me laugh again. I can tune in next year to see how the series FINALLY (HOPEFULLY) ends!

You can read the article here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

AV Club's TV Club 10: 10 episodes that show how Buffy The Vampire Slayer blew up genre TV

As a bona fide Buffy-phile & Whedon-phile, I can't NOT recommend this article. Simply reading the article brought tears to my eyes at the memory of some of these outstanding eps (sue me - I'm pregnant and hormonal!), but absolutely made me want to rewatch the 10 eps on the list PLUS the 10 more suggested. And, y'know, the rest of the series.

Read the whole story here at

Friday, December 7, 2012

From 'Castle' casting scoop: Nathan Fillion reunites with fellow 'Firefly' alum Gina Torres

I have come to love Castle in its own right as a smart, fun show with well-rounded, well-written characters but one of the things that makes me fall in love with this show over and over again is the constant love and homage it pays to the dearly departed Firefly. As we all know, Nathan Fillion, the character Castle from the show of the same name, was Captain Mal Reynolds on Firefly - we got a Captain Tightpants space cowboy Halloween costume a few seasons back, more recently a guest spot by the always awesome Adam Baldwin, and now, apparently Gina Torres will be appearing. I don't know if the writers/creators of Castle are the fans or if they just love Fillion and Fillion loves Firefly, but I will take that love wherever I can get it! Read the whole story here.

Happy weekend, y'all!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

2013 WGA Award nominations for television announced

According to the story on, "Breaking Bad" and "Modern Family" are the front runners for drama and comedy, respectively. I tend to respect awards such as the Writers Guild of America Awards because it's writers nominating and voting on writers, so in theory they should know what's good and what's not (as opposed to awards like the Golden Globes, which are given out by entertainment reporters. Not for nothing, but I'm not impressed by most of the WGA nominees - I can't comment on shows I've never seen, such as "Breaking Bad," but "Modern Family" is overrated. Period. It has "awww" moments but I almost never laugh at it. "30 Rock" is another overrated comedy. I wanted to like "The Mindy Project," which was nominated for best new series, but again, not a laugh out loud show. Which I expect from my comedies. Like "Parks and Recreation," which was also nominated for awards, and unlike the other shows, deservedly so. That show is such an underdog, the little show that could..."P & R" is equal parts "awww" and laughs, and both out loud.

I of course think "Mad Men" deserves its noms. And I caught the first two episodes of "Homeland" finally and loved it, so I'm also on board with those nominations. Anyway, for the whole article, go here. And for the full list of nominees, go here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Chevy Chase leaving NBC's 'Community' after four seasons

As far as news go, this isn't surprising at all. Chase has been more than a little vocal about his unhappiness being on the show and his feuds with show staff have been pretty public. From a creative standpoint, his character has been tougher and tougher to incorporate into the overall storylines of the show. From a fan standpoint, he was my least favorite character. I don't think he started out as my least favorite character, but he has become it. Anyway, he's already filmed eps with the upcoming season apparently, so he'll be in the show for most of the eps...I don't know that I see Community lasting past this season what with all the behind-the-scenes turmoil on top of the lack of ratings, so I'm not sure his departure actually affects the show at all, but whatever. I just want my show back, if even for a little while. You can read the whole story here.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Musings on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries

This show continues to be my favorite drama currently on tv - well acted, well written, just a well crafted show. It constantly brings out the inner teen in me and I'm not ashamed to admit it! :)

This week's episode had shades of Buffy the Vampire Slayer all throughout it, and I mean that as the highest compliment, seeing as Buffy is probably my favorite television drama of all time. But the potential Hunters reminded me of Buffy's potential Slayers, Elena being tormented by hallucinations trying to get her to kill herself and her eventual chosen path of suicide - waiting for the sun to rise - was all sorts of one of my favorite Buffy episodes, "Amends," when Angel is tormented by the First into almost committing suicide by waiting for the sunrise, and Elena's darker personality emerging in the wake of her death and rebirth was very much Buffy's darker side after her death and rebirth. Now that the show has forged its own path for the most part from L.J. Smith's book series (though those milestones, such as Elena becoming a vampire, remain the same), I'm curious to see where these storylines are headed, most notably Elena and Jeremy's relationship - love how much this brother and sister duo love each other, but how will they survive Elena being a vampire and Jeremy being her mortal enemy, a vampire hunter?

Just one other note of comparison between TVD and BtVS, and its a slight nitpick - Buffy reached a point where almost every character had become supernatural and there were no more humans to interact with or relate to, except for Xander. TVD has reached that same point, where the drama used to be mined from the relationships between humans and the supernatural. Now, we just have Jeremy and Matt (and I guess new character April) left, and even Jeremy now has a quasi-supernatural calling. Let's get fully human (and adorable) Matt a more major storyline, stat!

There endeth the complaint. Great episode. Can't wait till next week!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Firefly: Browncoats Unite!

Reminder about tonight's 10-year Firefly reunion on the Science Channel at 10 p.m. The Firefly marathon preceding it has already started - squee! - but the reunion itself looks to be fun, like the cast actually really enjoys each other and was happy to be together again. Read a bit more about it at here.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'Community' Returning to Old Time Slot in February | TheWrap TV

'Community' Returning to Old Time Slot in February | TheWrap TV

Aw, yeah! Looks like it was actually a good move holding Community to mid-season - with the failure of NBC's other new comedies, instead of being relegated to the Friday Death Slot, there's plenty of room for Community back in a sweet spot on Thursdays. Now let's just hope the new showrunners know these characters as well as all us fans do - welcome back, show!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Firefly reunion: I am BEYOND excited about this!

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of our favorite space western, the Science Channel will be airing a Firefly reunion special Nov. 11. The special, which will air at 10 p.m., will be preceded by a Firefly marathon. Oh Joss Whedon and the crew of the Serenity - you are forever in my heart!

Read the story at here.

Browncoats unite! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Classic Halloween television episodes

Special shout-outs to my absolute faves, My So-Called Life's tugs-at-your-heartstrings (of course!) episode and Buffy the Vampire Slayer's many Halloween-themed eps, but especially it's very first, which featured ghost Willow and helpless damsel-in-distress Buffy. Honorable mention goes to the Community Halloween eps, which are always a fun romp.

Find the whole list at here.

31 Classic Halloween TV episodes and specials: Buffy the Vampire Slayer has three Halloween-themed episodes: Halloween, Fear Itself and All the Way. They all have their moments, but nothing can top the eponymous season 2 episode. The gang turns into their costumes, Ethan Rayne makes his first appearance and the Oz/Willow relationship gets going. Excellent episode. 31 Classic Halloween TV episodes and specials: Community has brought us a Day of the Dead celebration and a zombie outbreak where Shirley sleeps with Chang. Frightening, indeed.31 Classic Halloween TV episodes and specials: In an underrated My So-Called Life episode, Angela breaks into the school in search of the ghost of Nicky Driscoll, a greaser student who died in the 1960s, as she is fearful thats where Jordan is headed. Rayanne and Brian get locked in the basement together but unfortunately are not overcome with lust for each other. Meanwhile, Ma and Pa Chase are overcome with lust from their costumes. While they play innocent damsel and dangerous pirate, Sharon takes Danielle trick-or-treating.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Community premiere delayed: both good and bad news

It's true - our favorite Greendale Community College students were slated to return to NBC's lineup on Oct. 19. I had the date circled in my calendar. I was counting down the days. And then yesterday, NBC announced the premiere was being delayed.


At first glance, that seems like bad news. And it is, if you were hoping to not have to wait longer than 10 days (as of today) to watch this show again. Or, sometimes networks delay a show, delay a show, delay a show, and then announce that they've decided not to air it after all.

But there's a silver lining to this cloud of delay.

Community, a critical darling but not a ratings grabber, had been relegated to the oh-so-aptly-named Friday Death Slot this season. Networks schedule shows on Friday when those shows are on their way out. NBC claims they want to have more time to give Community more promotion before it airs. Maybe so. I never trust a network suit to tell me the truth, though. Internet rumblings have been that NBC's new comedies have been faltering so badly that they're prepping Community and unfortunately Whitney to replace them. On a non-death slot night (Wednesday/Thursday). While Community may not have been a ratings-grabber, it does have a small but rabid fanbase, which must be bigger than these new shows (one of which, Animal Practice, I've never seen even though I adore JoAnna Garcia Swisher, because the premise looks so terrible, and the other, Guys With Kids, which I checked out solely for the sake of Jesse Bradford and had to turn off 10 minutes in because it was, in fact, so terrible).

Anyway, it looks like it's going to be a game of wait-and-see for now. Disappointed to have to wait to watch new eps of Community (though, to be honest, I'm a bit apprehensive that it won't have the same feel now that former showrunner Dan Harmon is gone - I hope the new showrunners know these characters, including GCC!), but excited at the possibility that the show may have in fact gained a reprieve.

Go Human Beings! :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Series premiere: Last Resort

The new series "Last Resort" premiered last night and I have to say, it was the most intense pilot episode I've seen since the harrowing pilot to "Lost" - not quite the frenetic intensity of "Lost," but definitely steady, dreadful tension.

One of my favorite movies is "Crimson Tide," and "Last Resort" had similar elements to that movie - a questionable nuclear order, the replacement of the captain, a missile attack. I'm glad, though, that my first impression that this whole series was going to take place on a submarine turns out not to be correct - I think that would've made me really claustrophobic.

Anyway, the pilot did what any good pilot does - made me want to watch more. I'm intrigued. Who sent the sketchy order? Why are they trying to start another world war? Will Sam ever get home to his wife? Why is the captain so keen to NOT go home and start a new country from scratch on this island they're on? How much trouble is that gangster Julian going to cause?

The only critique I have really is that this is the kind of show that has to be willing to go all out - it has to be willing to show violence, it has to be willing to kill off characters, it has to make characters three-dimensional - there wasn't quite the level of detail, especially in those first two things, in this first episode to ratchet the intensity up to "Lost" levels. But a pilot episode is also just an introduction, not just for us, but for the writers and showrunners, to the stories and characters. So I'm hopeful. I will definitely be tuning in again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No musical episode will ever beat Buffy's "Once More, With Feeling" BUT...

...Psych's upcoming musical episode HAS to be better than the craptastic Grey's Anatomy. I still wasn't sure it would even come close to Joss Whedon's Buffy masterpiece, until I saw that one of the guest stars will be Anthony Rapp, of Broadway's Rent fame. (I met him once, btw...he bumped into me on the street and apologized. So polite! Made me love him all the more!) But the point is, Rapp can rock and he seems just the kind of personality to fit into a quirky episode of a quirky show like Psych!

Read all about it at Zap2It here!

How I Met Your Mother: Final Season?

Last night was the eighth season premiere of How I Met Your Mother. This was supposed to be the final season, and hopefully it still will be, although there is chatter on the Internet that they could try to pull out another season after this one.

I hope not.

I say that as someone who used to love this show. I fell in love with this show the very first time I saw it, which was on a whim - Alyson Hannigan, a Buffy alum, was going to be in it, so I tuned in. It quickly became must-see tv for me. And the first four and half/five seasons still are - HIMYM is in syndication now and whenever it's on, the boyfriend and I tune in. Sam was also an easy convert to the show - I made him watch one episode once and he was so excited to find out I had the dvds - I think we watched all five first seasons straight through over the course of several weeks. I let him watch with the caveat, though, that the show is not the same show now that it was back then.

And it's not.

After last night's episode, Sam goes, "This show really isn't that funny anymore, is it?" Not only is it not funny, but I can't relate to it anymore either. Its humor used to be quirky and weird and original, but now it goes for lame and obvious and dumb. I think the writers/showrunners got lazy. Or they just don't care about these characters anymore. Or they're just in it for the paycheck now (which is probably why they're talking of extending it another season). But besides the humor, these used to be characters I wanted to hang out with, because I saw myself in them. I used to think the HIMYM gang used to be the most realistic ensemble on tv - you could see why they were friends, and you wanted to hang out with them. Who the mother was or how Ted met her didn't even matter after awhile, because the journey was so enjoyable. I used to think the storytelling techniques on this show were great, too - the jumping around, the playing with time, the continuity (oh my God, I used to love the continuity!!)

But now...

Now I'm just in it to see how this trainwreck ends. Now, I AM watching to see who the mother is and how Ted meets her, but that's about it.

Oh, show - we'll always have the first five seasons!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Say it ain't so! Amy Poehler, Will Arnett separating after 9 years of marriage

Amy Poehler, Will Arnett separating after 9 years of marriage

I love Amy Poehler. I love Will Arnett. The only thing better than these two separately was these two as a couple...I totally would've nominated them for Funniest Couple of All Time. I'm so disappointed by this news! :( 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

’Mad Men’ gets Rickrolled in viral video

’Mad Men’ gets Rickrolled in viral video

Anything having to do with Mad Men is awesome, and this video is just pure fun (which is neat to see in a show and characters that are often way too serious and somber (that's somber, not sober!))

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

’The Office’ to end after season nine

Sad, as when this show was funny, it was HILARIOUS, but it hasn't been funny in awhile - it really should've ended when Steve Carell left. There is no replacement for Michael Scott, and I'm sure Michael Scott would be over the moon to hear that! ;)

’The Office’ to end after season nine

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Absolutely Fabulous Olympics Special

Absolutely Fabulous is coming back for an Olympic special. Let the games begin, darling!

Read the story here.

The AbFab special airs tonight at 10 pm on BBC America. Sweetie darling, darling sweetie - be there!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

’Mad Men,’ ’Homeland’ and ’Girls’ get Emmy recognition

’Mad Men,’ ’Homeland’ and ’Girls’ get Emmy recognition

NYC summer fun: being an audience member for The Newlywed Game taping

Unless you live in or are visiting L.A. or to a lesser extent New York City, you usually have to wait for a touring production to come through (when I was in college I was in the audience for an episode of College Jeopardy at Constitution Hall), but this week the boyfriend and I were in the audience for a taping of an episode of GSN's The Newlywed Game, which is currently hosted by Sherri Shepherd. If you are at all interested in the behind-the-scenes production of any kind of taped show, this kind of experience is a lot of fun. But first, the not fun part - we were told to arrive at the studio by 4:45. The boyfriend made it there on time. But I was coming from Long Island and my bus was running late so I missed my train and had to take a later one to Jamaica and then catch the subway from there, so I was half an hour late. Of course, the good/bad news is that when they say get there at 4:45, that doesn't mean it starts at 4:45. There's a whole lotta waiting to do. By about 5:30 were finally made it upstairs to the audience holding room where we signed a release, ate some pizza (that WAS cool of them to feed us), and then - you guessed it - waited some more. Now, the boyfriend was the one who wanted to do this - he found the tickets through a group he belongs to on, and they were actually VIP tickets, so luckily once they started moving everyone to the studio, we got to be some of the first ones in and we ended up sitting in the second row from the stage, which was very cool.

If you've never been to a talk show or game show taping, you will be shocked at how small the stage is in real life, how small the studio is. Also, while the contestants were sweating under the bright lights on stage, the studio itself is usually pretty cold (it was so freakin' hot out that day I didn't even bother bringing a sweater - the freezing cold was sweet relief!) While the stage crew sets up, a warm up comic usually comes out to tell some jokes, get the audience in the mood, and give instructions - it's basically very simple. When they say clap, clap. When they say cheer, cheer. When they say shut up, you shut up.

If you ever see a television or movie celebrity in real life, more often than not you will also be shocked at how tiny they are in real life. But Sherri Shepherd, who I know from her guest stints on 30 Rock as Tracy Morgan's wife, seemed really cool and nice.

The taping itself was fun, although by the time the comic was done warming us up, my hands and arms were already tired and hurting. Sherri was funny, the contestants were funny - the boyfriend and I used to watch the show together and laugh at how the newlyweds would get embarrassed by questions or get mad at their spouse's answers. My favorite part is always when the wife hits the husband with one of her answer cards for saying something stupid and/or missing a totally obvious answer.

But as someone who loves the production of television, it's interesting to see the behind-the-scenes stuff, like how they don't film the episode exactly in order, how they have to redo a sequence or reask a question if it's not all coming out right. During breaks the cameraman and director discussed and practiced camera shots and angles. At one point Sherri and the teleprompter weren't on the same page. And while in between segments the comic was trying to keep the crowd energized and telling jokes, I was paying attention to the make-up lady coming out to pat down someone's sweaty face, or trying to listen to the directions the contestants were being given on how to answer a question, where to sit, what to do differently, what to keep doing.

There was a second taping after the first and we were asked to stick around, but by then I was spent. For a taping for a 30-minute show, we were there for four hours. But if you're in New York City and you get the chance to be in a studio audience AND you have a whole day to spare, you should definitely do it. You get to see (hopefully) somebody famous up close, you get to watch a show before anyone else gets to see it, it's something different, and you get to see all the hard work and time put in by the people involved, especially by the folks behind the cameras.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 What's next for Joss Whedon?

Love anything Joss related and always looking forward to seeing what plans he has for the future - may the Whedonverse expand ever outward!! You can read the article here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This. Is. AWESOME!! The Avengers a la Firefly

For any fan of Joss Whedon...

’Homeland,’ ’Community’ take top Critics Choice honors

’Homeland,’ ’Community’ take top Critics Choice honors

Congrats to Community and to Christina Hendricks on their much-deserved wins!! (Also, I've heard Homeland is awesome, but I don't get Showtime, so I'll have to wait till it comes out on Netflix to screen it and share my opinion!)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father’s Day to the best (and worst) dads on TV!

Happy Father’s Day to the best (and worst) dads on TV!

Adding to the list of best dads: Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler), "Friday Night Lights;" Graham Chase (Tom Irwin), "My So-Called Life," (although maybe not the best husband); Chris Brinkley (Will Arnett), "Up All Night;" Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), "Arrested Development."

Happy Father's Day to all the dads, real in real life or real only in our heads! :) 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Vampires and killers and ghosts, oh my! TV’s best bad boys

Vampires and killers and ghosts, oh my! TV’s best bad boys

Gotta love a bad girls always say we want a nice guy, but those bad boys are just so much more interesting! And Eric Northman/Damon Salvatore? Yum! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh, Mad Men, you're always breaking my heart...

The rumor has been swirling for some time that, due mostly to budgetary reasons, a character from the show would be offing themselves at some point this season - many people were guessing a jump through an office window, evoking the now iconic falling man in the opening credits. Well, it wasn't death by jumping, but in last night's episode, increasingly sad sack and desperate Lane Pryce hanged himself in his office after Don discovered his embezzlement and forced him to resign. Early signs this season had been pointing very much at disillusioned and dissatisfied suburbanite husband Pete Campbell - as much as I really liked Lane for much of his run on the show, I'm glad Pete is still around, as much as he can be a total douche. I find his character arc much more interesting and more important to the story Mad Men is telling and I can't help but like him because creator Matt Weiner has grounded Pete's douchebaggery in such complexity that at times I find him wholely sympathetic. I'm also glad Kenny wasn't fired. I love me some Ken Cosgrove. Anyway, it sucks when storyline is dictated by real-world financial issues, but that is the nature of the beast - everything about every television show is dictated by money, but at least on Mad Men we have a capable showrunner who could fit that character leaving organically and seamlessly into the unfolding story. Joan's reaction to Lane's death is heartbreaking, as was Don's, who I know can't help but feel partially responsible. Actually seeing them cut his body down was a highly disturbing image that made it difficult to fall asleep right after, but kudos to any show that doesn't shy away from darkness and reality.

RIP Lane Pryce - you did us wrong, but you will be missed...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

’Big Bang Theory’ star Jim Parsons comes out as gay

’Big Bang Theory’ star Jim Parsons comes out as gay

First of all, good for Parsons for being comfortable enough with himself as a person and secure enough in his career in Hollywood that he doesn't feel he has to remain in the closet, professionally.

Second of all, why is this even considered news? It's not news when someone is heterosexual - why the need to clarify that someone is gay?

Jim Parsons is an excellent comedic actor. That is all that should matter.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The music we love on television shows we love

So the last few years I've been on a concert kick - my favorite shows are by musical artists who write and play their own stuff and who play some of the smaller, more intimate venues. I've been to Madison Square Garden once for a concert. I've seen most of my live performances at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park or the general admission venues of Webster Hall and Terminal 5.

But what does this have to do with television, you ask.

Everything, as it turns out. I don't listen to the radio. I don't watch Youtube or use Pandora or even really ever buy CDs. But I watch television. A lot of it. And ever since the likes of The O.C. and One Tree Hill, television shows have been using songs by talented, up-and-coming artists, probably because they come much cheaper than the big names and big songs, but also because, I think, they tend to be more lyrical, which might speak more to what's going on in episode. Many bands and artists nowadays can point to a television show as being their first big break.

It was only this year that I realized that most of the music I listen to, most of the artists and songs that I love, come from tv, that I heard it first on one of my shows. This year alone I realized that every concert I went to featured a song I first heard on The Vampire Diaries and/or Grey's Anatomy. Here are some of my favorite songs from some of my favorite artists that I first heard on some of my favorite television shows. Enjoy! And I'd love to hear from you - what songs or musicians did you fall in love with after hearing them on a television show?

"Never Say Never" by The Fray on The Vampire Diaries (saw them last month)

"Cosmic Love" by Florence and the Machine on Grey's Anatomy (saw her last week...and last year)

"How to Save a Life" by, again, The Fray on, again, Grey's Anatomy

 "Breathe In, Breathe Out" by Mat Kearney on Grey's Anatomy (saw him last year - twice - and twice before that...)

 "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane on Grey's Anatomy (saw them two years ago and two years before that...and going to see them again this summer!!)

"I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw on One Tree Hill (finally getting to see him in concert this summer!)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vampire Diaries Season Finale and Community congrats

I almost can't even talk about this episode yet - it was so emotionally, gutwrenchingly draining, which is standard fare for this show, but even more so. I think it was partly seeing Elena's life pre-Salvatore brothers and all things evil and vampire, a time when her parents were still alive. And it was partly that there was so much death - I haven't been this emotionally battered and bruised by a television show since the reign of Joss Whedon with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. It's exhausting. Anyway, stop reading now if you haven't seen the episode yet because there are spoilers ahead y'all:

Klaus was a "bad guy" but the initial impression that Alaric had killed him was still a shock. Alaric's storyline had, unfortunately I think, run it's course what with Isobel and Jenna both being gone and with Matt and Jeremy around to take over as human vampire hunters, should the need arise. But it was still awful to see him go. Elena "breaking up" with Damon was heartbreaking. Caroline thinking Tyler was dying was heartbreaking. Jeremy getting to say goodbye to Alaric via his ghost-seeing powers had me in tears. But the worst for me was the intertwined scenes of the Gilbert car crash off of Wickery Bridge into the river from the past with Matt and Elena's crash into the river in the present. I was literally bawling through that scene. My boyfriend kept looking at me like I was insane. I try to explain to him all the time that it's on a teen network and stars teens but this is not a kid's show.

I'm a huge TVD book series fan - I have been for 20 years. This show doesn't follow established TVD lore directly but it has always followed it loosely and close enough, so of course Elena had to die. That's what happens. Elena dies and she becomes a vampire. That's the way the story always went so of course that's the way the story has to go. But it was still shocking and heartbreaking to see.

Question for next season: In the books, once Elena became a vampire, much of the action shifted to her human friends. The problem is, the whole premise has been based on the dilemma of how a human and a vampire can love each other. If Elena is now a vampire, what becomes the central conflict? I trust the showrunners to be able to figure out something both compelling and realistic (as realistic as a show about vampires can get - though of course, the emotion behind the conflicts has always been realistic).

Show, don't disappoint me!!

And just a quick note - congrats to Community for getting renewed today. It's only a 13-episode order right now, but 13 episodes of Community is better than nothing. This show deserves to be nurtured, so thanks NBC for sticking with it. Now bring back Parks and Rec, too!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Courteney Cox’s ’Cougar Town’ saved, headed to TBS

Courteney Cox’s ’Cougar Town’ saved, headed to TBS

This is great news for the cul-de-sac crew...Cougar Town was lucky to get even three seasons on ABC - this show is too quirky for a large network. On TBS, it won't need ratings that are as high and maybe the smaller network will nurture the show a little more, be a little more patient. Though sometimes this show is just too zany, much like its predecessor Scrubs, it's also funny and heartfelt, much like its predecessor Scrubs - you can tell there is real affection amongst the characters, and Bobby and Andy's bromance totally fills the void left by no more Turk and J.D. - what with Gus and Shawn from Psych over on USA, looks like all the best bromances will be on the small networks now!

Sorry y'all got cancelled by ABC, but thank you TBS for taking this show under your wing!

Television god Joss Whedon rocks the heck out of Marvel's The Avengers

Ok, so it's not a tv show, but it's brought to you courtesy of Joss Whedon, television god and hero. I finally got to see Marvel's The Avengers last night and it was vintage Whedon - dry, deadpan, sarcastic wit; dizzying action sequences and fight scenes and lots of 'em; and of course, a kickass heroine who doesn't take crap from anyone, can hold her own with the boys, and doesn't muss her hair and make-up in the process. If there's one thing Whedon knows, it's how to write a strong female character any young girl would be proud to look up to, and yet still show her to have human emotions. Whedon does not do the damsel in distress, that's for sure.

I knew Whedon had directed the movie but I did not know until the credits that he had a big hand in the screenplay as well, though I could see Whedon all over the writing - anyone who has ever seen Mal and Jayne bicker on Firefly could tell there was something familiar about Captain America and Iron Man's repartee; and the Hulk's definitive interruption of Loki's "I am a god" rant was classic Buffy versus the First Evil showdown in the episode "Amends."

Needless to say, if you haven't seen this movie, go see it, now - it's not often you get to enjoy an awesome action movie that is also well written. And this one is definitely both. There's a reason I wrote my senior thesis on how shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer illustrate and elevate television as art. (And I'm not just saying that so Whedon will hire me one day...but really, Joss, call me - we'll do lunch!) :)

Marvel's The Avengers
Joss Whedon, television god and personal hero

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tina Fey, Jon Stewart take it to Zach Galifianakis as ’Between Two Ferns’ jumps to cable

If you haven't seen "Between Two Ferns" on Funny or Die, you are missing out on some of the biggest laughs you will ever experience. Zach Galifianakis does awkward deadpan so well that you want to cringe but you're shaking too hard from the laughter. I'm sure these eps were great. Can't wait to check 'em out....

Tina Fey, Jon Stewart take it to Zach Galifianakis as ’Between Two Ferns’ jumps to cable

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday's here: the best night of television

Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Parks and Recreation, Community...these are just some of the shows that clutter up my DVR on a typical Thursday night. If you read this blog, you know I extol the virtues time and time again of TVD, one of the best written shows on tv on any night, not just Thursdays - and Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy has finally returned to the fold, yay! If you don't watch Parks and Rec or Community, start - both are on the bubble and may not return next season. P & R is as funny, earnest, and heartfelt as ever and I still want to move to Pawnee, Indiana, especially now that I know Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport, Leslie's dumb, spoiled but very sweet campaign appointment, also lives there. Community is sometimes a tad too wacky and quirky, but it's still funny and original and just so clever...and Grey's is still my guilty pleasure, although after suffering a serious slump a few seasons back, it's hit a creative resurgence, thanks in great part to some of the cast additions, namely Eric Dane, Chyler Leigh, and Jesse Williams. So, hopefully I'll get home from work in time to watch and erase all my built up shows from last night before I put my poor DVR to serious work again tonight - that poor piece of technology is probably so happy the television season is almost it aware that many of the cable networks now run summer seasons? Oh well - tv, tonight! Watch it!
Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy.

steven r mcqueen 1 Steven R. Mcqueen
Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do Trust the B in Apartment 23

Um, I had never heard of Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 until a couple of weeks ago. When I saw Kristyn Ritter was one of the leads, I kind of didn't care - I know Kristyn from her days on Veronica Mars and her acting was less than impressive, to say the least. She almost ruined her role for me, and it was a pretty important one. But I was bored one day and Hulu was showing a preview of the first two episodes, so I decided to give it a chance. The first half of the first episode still did not sell me on the premise and characters and acting, but by the end of the second episode, I was in love. I take back every bad thing I ever said about Kristyn - she totally owns Chloe, and completely sells her as a self-centered sociopath that you might just actually enjoy being friends with. Dreama Walker is endearing, but not annoyingly or cloyingly so, as Midwestern good girl June - because turns out she's got an edge, and can hold her own with Chloe. As for James Van Der Beek as James Van Der Beek - god bless him for having a sense of humor and being able to make fun of himself, because the version of himself that he plays on the show is hilarious.

So if you're looking for a comedy that's quirky and not afraid to come thisclose to crossing the line but is still actually funny, check it out.

Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 airs on ABC on Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. EST.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What our favorite TV characters are wearing...

As the television season draws to a close and there are more and more repeats on - ::sniffle:: - I thought I'd take a minute to just talk about some of my favorite things some of my favorite characters are wearing, that way I can dress like them during the summer hiatus, and it will be like they never left me at all! :)


Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries (CW): I am in love with this leather jacket and am determined to have one. This particular brand and style is the KRMA Jade leather jacket and it's, like, $600...I tried to find a more affordable substitute but as Prince so wisely wrote, nothing compares to you...KRMA. I'll just have to save up my pennies to buy this one.