Saturday, October 25, 2008

SNL does a Mad Men sketch!

So, it's also an A-holes sketch, which I always fastforward through, so that sucks... more than anything, I just want to hit these two, and not because they amuse me. So, that's disappointing. But on the upside? They're doing a Mad Men sketch, which the more exposure to this show, the better. And ON TOP OF THAT? Not only is host Jon Hamm in this sketch, but Elisabeth Moss (who is currently starring in the Broadway show Speed the Plow) and John Slattery (fellow CUA alum shoutout - what up?!?!?) from Mad Men are actually in this sketch as well!! Holy crap! What I wouldn't have given to be on that set tonight... Don Draper did one of his nostalgic, poetic, pitch perfect (pun intended) pitches which the A-holes hated, and this sketch was eye-rolling at best, but the fact that there were not one, not two, but THREE Mad Men castmembers on my screen kept me from fastforwarding through it.

I know I've said to watch this show (Mad Men, not SNL), but I don't know that I've ever really delved into WHY you MUST watch this show, but you MUST, and I will definitely talk more in-depth about the why in the future...

PS Oh my God, Maya Rudolph is also in the house as Michelle Obama (with all the rumors swirling about her return, I knew Michelle was the part why)!! Talk about high points in SNL creativity - Rudolph played a substantial role in those days! Welcome back, even for just one night!

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