Friday, October 17, 2008

Even though it's Friday, let's talk about Pushing Daisies for a second...

...I talk about this show in terms of how visually, it's like looking at a painting, and how storywise, it's like reading a fairytale. But this is not a happy show. Well, it has it's happy, slapstick, cute, whimsical, funny moments, but underneath all the bright colors and silliness, this is a very dark show about very dark things - murder in almost every episode? A set of lovers who can never be together or even touch or she'll die? I think I compared this show to Tim Burton, who also uses bright colors and fantastical stories to convey some very dark emotions and situations...I find the dichotomy very intriguing, and as someone who shies away from dramas that are actually dark and brooding and well, dramatic, I think this dichotomy is why I watch. And I think I'm enjoying this show much more this season. Last year, I wanted to like it. This year, I think I actually do.

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