Monday, October 20, 2008

Is it Palin or Fey? Who knows? Say hi to your mother for me!

No surprise. I've said it before that for the most part, SNL works best for me when it's lampooning politics and politicians, so election years are a humor goldmine. Sarah Palin cameoed on this weekend's episode. I wasn't overwhelmed by her, but I didn't hate it - they really didn't give her anything to do, so there wasn't much to mess up. The best part of her appearance for me was actually her being a foil for Alec Baldwin's surprise showing, where he mistakes her for Tina Fey.

The best part of the episode though? Mark Wahlberg's guest appearance (see, not everything I enjoy on SNL has to do with politics...) Last week, Andy Samberg did a sketch where he impersonates Wahlberg and talks to animals. Yeah, you read that right. The sketch made no sense and would not have even been funny except that Samberg's impression of Wahlberg, his voice becoming Wahlberg's, was spot on, and somehow, that made the whole thing funny. Well, Wahlberg was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel later in the week and complained that he did not find the sketch humorous and that he was thinking about heading over to 30 Rock so he could break Samberg's nose. Which, in itself, was actually kinda annoying that Wahlberg appeared so upset. Maybe he really was. Maybe he was just acting. But the best part is that Lorne Michaels not only asked him to come on SNL this weekend, but Wahlberg accepted, and suddenly, this whole Andy Samberg impersonates Wahlberg sketch was legitimately funny. Wahlberg's a tough guy. I would not wanna mess with him. That is not just a cultivated persona - I would not want him upset with me. Violence should not be funny, but it is - when he told Lorne he would bash his face in if he didn't tell him where Samberg was was hilarious. And then when Wahlberg finally confronted Samberg, telling him that the sketch was in no way an accurate portrayal of him, and then proceeded to act the way Samberg had written him? Well, Wahlberg may be a tough guy, but not only does he have a sense of humor about himself, but he made that spot, which was almost an exact replica of Samberg's spot from the week before and still made no sense, just as hilarious.

I obviously don't have a highbrow sense of humor. It's the simple things in life that make me laugh.

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