Friday, March 14, 2014

SPOILERS SPOILERS!! Review of the Veronica Mars movie

As an official Kickstarter backer of the Veronica Mars movie, which opened worldwide in theaters today, I got a free digital copy of the movie, also available today, to watch on my tv at home. I had actually bought two tickets to watch the movie in a theater in Manhattan tonight but as fate would have it, in the form of a nasty laceration to my face yesterday that landed me in the ER with 23 stitches that rendered me slightly reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster with a monster headache and no desire to step foot outside of my house, the movie-at-home prize was perfect.

I've only just finished the movie. If I think about it too much, I might actually form some coherent and articulate thoughts, but as it is, I thought I'd go ahead and just give my gut reaction and thoughts in bullet form - anyone who is a Veronica Mars fan has already read all the well-written, well-thought out reviews, so this might be something just a little different (and it says it in the title to this blog, but reader, beware, there are SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS in the thoughts below):

  • As a Kickstarter backer, I am by no means an impartial Veronica Mars movie viewer. I am a Marshmallow. I was a huge fan of the show when it was on the air, I was bitterly disappointed when it was cancelled, I watched reruns on DVD and on SoapNet and was sorely lacking in closure.
  • As a Veronica Mars fan, I can say, that if you were a fan of the show, you will like this movie. If you weren't a fan of the show? Maybe. And maybe you'd be intrigued enough to buy or rent the original run three seasons. The movie doesn't feel like a movie. It feels like an almost 2 episode arc of the tv show we loved. But since the fans of the show are the ones who funded it, we're the ones it was primarily made for - and in that sense, the movie is awesome.
  • Everyone (well not everyone, but a good amount of people!) who we loved and loved to hate from Neptune are back in this movie - the only DRAWBACK to that is it reminded me how much I loved/hated these characters and wished I had more time to spend with them. 
  • On that same note, some characters were obviously cameos of some fan faves who didn't necessarily contribute anything to the storyline but needed to be there, just so we could say hi - I would say Deputy Leo, Vinny Van Lowe, and Cliff were the most obvious of those. But more importantly, because of everyone Rob Thomas needed to bring back, the characters we NEEDED to see more of, just because they are so close to the heart and soul of the show, namely Wallace, Mac, and Weevil, we just didn't get enough of. Note to Rob Thomas: I would totally watch a spin-off of Veronica Mars revolving around any or all of these characters. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  • Keith Mars is, by far, the best tv (and now movie) dad there is out there. If my own dad wasn't so awesome, I would wish that Keith Mars was my dad.
  • I was never a huge Piz fan. I get that some people were, which is why he needed to be in the movie, but even when it was Veronica and Duncan, it was still always Veronica and Logan. 
  • I was never a huge Krysten Ritter fan when she was playing Gia Goodman, I only warmed up to her when she was in The B in Apartment 23, but considering she was the daughter of the season 2 villain, and they NEVER addressed the fallout of finding out her dad was a pedophile and then him being murdered, it was kinda  nice to have her back to deal with that.
  • I never thought I'd see the day that I'd say Martin Starr looked hot. Yeah, he played the baddie in the film, but not only did he look normal compared to his Freaks and Geeks days AND his other Rob Thomas related project Party Down, but he looked GOOD.
  • Speaking of Party Down, I think I now see Ryan Hansen more as Kyle from Party Down and not Dick Casablancas from VM.
  • Nice Celeste Kane cameo - but no Duncan at all? 
  • Hellmouth reference??? Gotta give mad props to one of my favorite tv shows referencing my ALL TIME FAVORITE tv show!!! :)
  • Would totally watch the sequel in which the corruption of Sheriff Dan Lamb is investigated, particularly in regards to Weevil's case.
  • So glad Weevil got a happy ending - sorta. Dude was always getting the short end of the stick in things.
  • I think we all have to remember that Veronica Mars is, in essence, an anti-hero. She is flawed, flawed, flawed, and I think that's why so many people find her relatable. She is imperfect. We root for her, even when she stumbles, and boy, does she ever stumble. But don't we all?
  • We all got a credit - not individual, of course, but if you contributed to the Kickstarter campaign, Rob Thomas and friends thanked us - and I think that's huge, that through this whole journey, he/they have remembered that not only are we the ones they made this movie for, but we're the ones who made it possible.
I'm sure I'll have more thoughts as I watch the movie again or even just digest what I already watched, but this fan was more than the same time that I was left wanting more!!! Miniseries anyone, every few years? Just to catch up? The truth of the matter is, this kind of thing never happens - that the fans want it, that the creator wants it, that the original actors want it, that the fans FINANCE the whole shebang, that shit gets made - that in itself makes this whole Veronica Mars movie a giant coup, whether they make money, make new fans, or whatever. I felt like I was part of something, as I'm sure you did too -maybe I'll have more to write tomorrow. Right now my face REALLY hurts, partially from the giant gash across my temple but partially from all the crying I did as I watched this movie...I think maybe tomorrow I'll start my DVDs over from the beginning, again, just remembering that a long time ago, we used to be friends....

What did you think about the Veronica Mars movie???