Sunday, October 26, 2008

SNL does a Mad Men sketch Part Deux!

I think this sketch would've been funnier if Don's guide to picking up women had used examples from the show as opposed to castmembers just acting out what he said...why does that make people want to watch Mad Men? It doesn't. All his reasons are actual reasons he is a great pick-up artist (maybe he should host the show The Pick-up Artist), but clips from the show, or acted out parts of the show would've been funnier... I am way too invested in this show...

PS Coldplay was awesome. It's not every "musician" that can play live (and I put "musician" in quotes not to say Coldplay aren't musicians, but to say that many SNL musical acts are not, and sounding good live is a good indicator of who qualifies as a, Coldplay does!)

PPS I still think The Killers were better. I would've killed to be on set tonight with Hamm, Slattery, Moss, Coldplay, and all the regular SNL players, but I would've done worse than that (what's worse than killing?) to have been on set with The Killers...

PPPS Seth Meyers is doing Weekend Update alone because Amy Poehler is FINALLY having her baby (she's been looking like she's gonna pop any minute for weeks now)! Many, many congratulations to both her and her husband, Will Arnett!!

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