Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catching up on last week's television: Brothers and Sisters

Well, the Walkers were back in full Walker fashion - there was a family get together, secrets were revealed, arguments broke out, there were some wacky hijinks and lots of drinking (it wouldn't be a Walker family gathering without lots of alcohol!)

It was a little weird seeing Justin and Rebecca making out. They're a cute couple and the actors always had great chemistry, but the characters spent almost two seasons believing they were long lost half-brother and half-sister.

Holly is still annoying. Her character is there to cause trouble, I understand that, but she just annoys. Now that Rebecca isn't William's daughter, it's time for Holly to be gone.

I can't believe that barely three seasons in we're already revisiting the secret William Walker love child storyline, except now instead of it being Rebecca the daughter it's Ryan the son...after all, Rebecca's reluctant and messy incorporation into the Walker clan is what drove much of the first season. Still, it wouldn't be Brothers and Sisters without the soap...and much better soap, I might add, than the actual soap opera I pretend to still watch (that's a topic for another day).

Overall, the show feels the same, and I'm glad. I love the Walkers because they feel like a family, they act like a family, the have secrets and fight and make-up and gossip and tattle and support each other like a family. The cast is incredible in that their interactions ring true as a family. Even with the soap. Looking forward to what this upcoming season brings.

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