Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Review: Third season premiere of 30 Rock

The third season premiere of 30 Rock, 2-time Emmy award winner for Best Comedy, is on NBC Oct. 30 at 9:30 p.m. but I just finished watching it on iTunes. I think I've been more hesitant than many to board the 30 Rock love train, but it's definitely found it's groove I think and for the most part, the premiere was in that groove (except for some super eyerolling silliness, even for 30 Rock, with NBC CEO Kathy Geiss and former CEO Jack Donaghy). After submitting myself to the painfully unfunny "comedies" Kath & Kim and Worst Week, I will be more than thrilled to have 30 Rock back on my tv! Some notes!

* I can't decide if I want to be Liz Lemon or Tina Fey when I grow up. Liz Lemon is super dorky but I have a feeling that my friends would tell me I'm deluding myself to think I do not have a super dorky streak of my own.

* I still remember the day I was watching Saturday Night Live and realized that Alec Baldwin can bring the funny. His Emmy this year for Best Comedic Actor was well earned. There's just something about his dry delivery of his lines, the way his character takes himself so seriously in even the most absurd situations, and the way this staunch Democrat convincingly portrays a staunch Republican that I love.

* Jane Krakowski continues to be the weak link for me. If they could find a way to fit her character more organically into the story (which doesn't make sense, as she's supposed to be one of the stars of the fictional TGS show, that they can't), but in addition, the other actors, even Tracy Morgan in his over-the-topness, act circles around her.

* I heart Grizz and Dot Com.

* Any show that lets Will Arnett back on my television, I will watch.

* I love that Liz and Jack's friendship continues to grow and change, that he continues to mentor her (even when he's not CEO of the company), and that there's nothing romantic about it.

* The premiere managed to set up at least three storylines that I can tell for the upcoming season, without seeming rushed or jam-packed.

All in all, a solid delivery. Thanks, NBC for finally bringing this back. Now could you please get Kath & Kim off my screen?!?

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