Friday, September 23, 2011

When will people learn? HIMYM climbs on board the Katie Holmes love train

I just read an article by Michael Ausiello here in which he shares that Katie Holmes has been cast in the pivotal How I Met Your Mother role of the Slutty Pumpkin (long-time fans will know what I'm talking about). What the showrunner's seem to not realize is that Katie Holmes can't act. To be fair, they're not the only ones who have Katie Holmes blinders on...but really? When will people learn??

Yes, she was the star of Dawson's Creek on the now-defunct WB network for, like, a million years, but many of the actors on that network and its current manifestation, the CW, are cast for their looks, not for their mad acting skillz. I don't find her line readings believable and I really hate that half smile thing she does - Katie, you didn't have a stroke. Use the muscles on both sides of your face!

Anyway, I get that she has a super famous hubby and so that gives her some cache in Hollywood circles, but I'm really disappointed in HIMYM for this. Although to be fair they have a history of giving guest spots to people who can't act (Britney Spears, Rachel Bilson, Stacey Keibler, I'm lookin' at y'all!) and also to be fair, HIMYM isn't really Must See TV for me anymore. So maybe I'll just go ahead and skip those episodes and watch my DVDs of the first season instead.

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