Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sean Maher...a gay dude playing a gay dude trying to pass as a straight dude

So according to Entertainment Weekly, Sean Maher, who apparently plays a closeted married gay man on "Playboy Club," came out as gay in real life. Whatever your personal thoughts and feelings about men and women who are gay, the fact that people still think a person's sexual orientation has anything to do with his or her skills as an actor is positively archaic. As a writer, no one cares if I'm gay or straight. All they care about is that I do my job well. And sometimes, they don't even care about that. So, I'm glad Maher finally felt comfortable coming out of the closet, but I'm sorry that he felt like he couldn't just live his life without giving us, people he's never met, an explanation.

But on the bright side of all this, I think as fans of television, especially good television, we can all appreciate any story that continues to bring attention to the late, great "Firefly" (on which Maher played Dr. Simon Tam)...

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