Sunday, September 25, 2011

My main problems with Grey's Anatomy at the moment...

I finally caught up on the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy yesterday, and here are my two main problems with this show right now.

A, the cast is too big. There are characters, like Teddy or April or even the Chief right now, that do very little to further any of the main storylines right now. I find appealing characteristics in all of them, but I missed having, say Lexie Grey on my tv screen for more than 30 seconds. I say, cut the fat. And if Derek is going to keep being such an ass, then they should just write Derek and Meredith off right now instead of waiting until Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo's contracts expire. The show has evolved beyond needing the two of them as the stars. It really has become mostly an ensemble piece, and if they still need a Grey to keep the title making sense, Chyler Leigh is still there.

B, the unbelievable drama. Let me clarify. Grey's Anatomy is a soap. So it's going to be somewhat unrealistic at times. And it's going to be full of melodrama all the time. But I'm talking about the non-organic, let's just throw a monkeywrench from out of left field into this storyline to shake things up. I'm thinking of one storyline in particular - Cristina Yang's unplanned pregnancy and subsequent abortion. Her not wanting a baby drove a wedge between her and Owen, it created more of a parallel between her character and the character of Meredith's mother, and all of that is good and compelling, but the thing is, it was too much of a stretch. It really asked me to suspend my disbelief, like, a crazy amount. Considering Cristina has already had one unplanned pregnancy (with Burke in Season One), is a doctor (so she knows all about medicine and biology and whatnot) and is realllllly opposed to having a child...shouldn't she know some more effective form of birth control than whatever she's using that allowed her to get knocked up not once, but twice?

That is all. Oh, Jackson Avery is so pretty. Now I'm done.

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