Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top Chef: Team Voltaggio Michael Division shines on

So, now Voltaggio wins tonight on Top Chef, though Michael was in the top 3 in the quickfire challenge and the top four for the elimination challenge. What I particularly enjoyed about this episode was both Voltaggio brothers, Jen, and Kevin all doing well, and while Bryan was the only one not to make the top four, it was nice to be able to say, before the judges even tasted their food, that I knew they had each nailed their dish. Why? Am I psychic? Only sometimes. But no, because they are talented chefs who take their craft seriously and are fairly drama-free, so you know they're on the show to cook and to cook well, not for the exposure and fame. Oh, I love seeing contestants I like kick the asses of those I want to strangle...anyway, this week Michael represents Team Voltaggio and congrats also go to Kevin for winning the elimination challenge. I like Kevin a lot, although I would like him better, I think, if his last name was Voltaggio.

Team Voltaggio FTW! :)

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