Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8 = nauseated eye-rolling

Ok, I'm sure we're all sick of hearing about the Gosselins ever since their marital troubles launched them from being just the basis of a nice, normal family-oriented TLC show to front-page tabloid fodder, but they're in the headlines again this week with the news the show will now be called "Kate Plus Eight" so I thought I'd just quickly comment.

I used to watch this show, way back before the majority of America discovered them. I found all the Gosselins fascinating - bossy Kate, harried Jon, and the adorable twins and sextuplets.

The best part was, I used to feel badly for Jon. The way they were portrayed on the show, Kate treated him like her ninth child and besides not seeming to be able to do any right in his wife's eyes, he seemed to love his kids but be completely overwhelmed by them.

Now, of course, we all know that Jon is a complete douche. I don't care if you got married too young and your wife pressured you into having more kids than you were ready for - you made those choices. You know Armageddon is nigh when I begin to feel sorry for Kate.

But I mostly feel sorry for those kids. They deserve to have as normal a childhood as possible, which was hard enough with the TLC show (which, to be fair, is also a great source of income for a young couple struggling to raise 8 kids) but the twins are old enough to read about and see what the tabloids are saying about their parents and the sextuplets will be soon enough. Divorce is hard enough on kids as it is without the media circus.

And kids, I'm sorry if one day you're surfing the Internet and find this post where I call your dad a douche. But if you're old enough to know what that means, then you're old enough to know that I'm pretty much not wrong...and I have just two words of advice to you all for getting through this with minimal mental and emotional scarring: sibling solidarity!

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