Friday, September 28, 2012

Series premiere: Last Resort

The new series "Last Resort" premiered last night and I have to say, it was the most intense pilot episode I've seen since the harrowing pilot to "Lost" - not quite the frenetic intensity of "Lost," but definitely steady, dreadful tension.

One of my favorite movies is "Crimson Tide," and "Last Resort" had similar elements to that movie - a questionable nuclear order, the replacement of the captain, a missile attack. I'm glad, though, that my first impression that this whole series was going to take place on a submarine turns out not to be correct - I think that would've made me really claustrophobic.

Anyway, the pilot did what any good pilot does - made me want to watch more. I'm intrigued. Who sent the sketchy order? Why are they trying to start another world war? Will Sam ever get home to his wife? Why is the captain so keen to NOT go home and start a new country from scratch on this island they're on? How much trouble is that gangster Julian going to cause?

The only critique I have really is that this is the kind of show that has to be willing to go all out - it has to be willing to show violence, it has to be willing to kill off characters, it has to make characters three-dimensional - there wasn't quite the level of detail, especially in those first two things, in this first episode to ratchet the intensity up to "Lost" levels. But a pilot episode is also just an introduction, not just for us, but for the writers and showrunners, to the stories and characters. So I'm hopeful. I will definitely be tuning in again.

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