Monday, December 31, 2012

Anticipating returning tv shows in 2013, but one in particular...

Cougar Town returns in January - its on a new channel, but hopefully its still got the heart & laughs of a typical Bill Lawrence sitcom.

Psych is another long-awaited returning show - I believe new episodes start in February, and despite how little I care for the Shawn-Jules romance, I'm still in love with this show, thanks mostly to the ever reliable and adorable Shawn-Gus bromance. Oh show, don't ever leave me alone for so long again.

But perhaps my most anticipated and long-awaited returning show is not on television, but on Netflix. According to, Arrested Development will make its 14 episode fourth season on Netflix beginning May 4. This news makes me so happy I could cry.

Oh Bluths, you deplorable but hilarious family, thank you for returning to my life!! :)

You can read the full article at here.


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