Thursday, December 6, 2012

2013 WGA Award nominations for television announced

According to the story on, "Breaking Bad" and "Modern Family" are the front runners for drama and comedy, respectively. I tend to respect awards such as the Writers Guild of America Awards because it's writers nominating and voting on writers, so in theory they should know what's good and what's not (as opposed to awards like the Golden Globes, which are given out by entertainment reporters. Not for nothing, but I'm not impressed by most of the WGA nominees - I can't comment on shows I've never seen, such as "Breaking Bad," but "Modern Family" is overrated. Period. It has "awww" moments but I almost never laugh at it. "30 Rock" is another overrated comedy. I wanted to like "The Mindy Project," which was nominated for best new series, but again, not a laugh out loud show. Which I expect from my comedies. Like "Parks and Recreation," which was also nominated for awards, and unlike the other shows, deservedly so. That show is such an underdog, the little show that could..."P & R" is equal parts "awww" and laughs, and both out loud.

I of course think "Mad Men" deserves its noms. And I caught the first two episodes of "Homeland" finally and loved it, so I'm also on board with those nominations. Anyway, for the whole article, go here. And for the full list of nominees, go here.

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