Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Better Off Ted is not better off dead

It's probably too late seeing as ABC is already burning off episodes of this show two at a time but if you're not watching Better Off Ted, start! Now! ABC took a chance (good for them - about frickin' time they took a chance on something!) by bringing this clever, hilarious show for a second season, but as with most of the well-written, well-acted quality shows out there, nobody's watching! Better Off Ted is, I dare say, a better workplace comedy than The Office, exploiting the absurdity in working for a giant mega-corporation in an even funnier manner than 30 Rock (blasphemy, I know, but I'll admit it - I don't think I love 30 Rock as much as all the critics and awards shows seem to...) But I do love Better Off Ted. Jay Harrington's straight man Ted has become my new television boyfriend and Lem and Phil, the nerdy scientist duo, may be my favorite socially awkward but lovable tv 'couples.' If you like any of the aforementioned shows or even Arrested Development (another absurdist, zany comedy - I miss you so!), check out Better Off Ted before it's dead.

Go now...go!

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