Thursday, November 26, 2009

A very sunny Christmas...this ain't your grandma's Christmas DVD

So, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia released an extended Christmas episode on DVD this past week. It kinda sucks that they couldn't just air it as part of the series so everyone could see it, but I guess they were able to get away with a lot more because it was on DVD, so...I hate paying full price for DVDs but when Sunny is on its game, it's one of the funniest shows on tv so I couldn't *not* buy the thing.

I was not disappointed. This ain't your grandma's Christmas movie, that's for sure. There's a naked Danny Devito, a zombie-like attack on Santa Claus, implied prostitution, an animated elf's junk, and swearing up the wazoo...pretty much everything you'd expect from The Gang uncensored. And I must be sick, because for the most part, it was hilarious. Loved Mac's family Christmas tradition (and kudos to the casting of the young Mac, who looked exactly like a young Rob M.), loved Dennis and Dee's inability to not be selfish, even at Christmas, and using A Christmas Carol to try to get Frank to change, loved Mac and Charlie trying to buy the season's hottest toy on Christmas Eve, definitely.

And the thing is, I would be lying if I said this wasn't a heartwarming story full of the Christmas spirit. Of course, there's the vulgar Sunny twist and you get both the teary eyed Christmas morning scene plus the bonus of still seeing these selfish, twisted, crazy characters get their comeuppance, but still a heartwarming Christmas story, which was a pleasant surprise.


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