Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Love gets big love

Yes, I totally big love this show. The fourth season premiered on Sunday, and while it felt a little rushed and disjointed - I imagine the whole season might as I believe there are only nine episodes...HBO, we need to talk - it did set some intriguing storylines in motion, namely the fallout of Roman Grant's death, Alby's gay liaison with the man who turns out to be the trustee put in charge by the government of Juniper Creek's money, the mystery surrounding Nicki's daughter and her creepy ex, and the upcoming wedding and departure of Sarah. I still couldn't give a crap about Lois and Frank wanting to kill each other or about Bill in general, and I sorely missed Joey and the storyline they started and dropped about Nicki and cute DA Ray, but this show continues to intrigue me, and I'm excited to see where they go from here.

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