Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mary finally gives in to True Blood-mania...almost

Ok, so I finally caved and started watching HBO's True Blood and as a vampire junkie, I am enjoying it, though I'm not sure yet that it's as AWESOME as every person claims...though it is by FAR and AWAY light years better than Twilight, which, let's face it, has set the bar embarrassingly low for all other vamp-lit out there. I don't have the time to go into this show in-depth at the moment, so let's just quickly list a few of the things I'm enjoying - scruffy Sam, Eric Northman, Jessica and Hoyt as a couple, Lafayette's eye makeup, Jason's pure and child-like stupidity, and the news that Joe Manganiello (who I've loved, loved, LOVED for years in all his hilarious guest spots as Brad on How I Met Your Mother) will be playing the role of Alcide, and now focus on the one minor but HUGE thing that is almost single-handedly killing any enjoyment I am having of this show - the make-up.

Now, to be fair, I don't know if I should be blaming the make-up artists, or the lighting director for how the make-up looks, but it's BEYOND distracting. Every single frickin' character looks like they have foundation and powder and blush and any other thing in the make-up bag CAKED on their faces. Who knows...maybe the actors need it. Maybe they're hideous without it. But it's so noticeable, it's so distracting, that I almost can't watch the show because I can't focus on anything else.

I do enjoy the Southern accents, though. As someone susceptible to accents, I'm thinking in a Southern accent right now and it's very relaxing, almost relaxing enough to make me feel better about the distracting make-up/lighting job. C'mon HBO. We expect better from you.

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