Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome back, Chuck!

That Chuck being the show Chuck, which NBC has, in a surprising but much appreciated fashion, been nurturing, and which returned this week for its third season. The first two episodes had me worried - not because the show revamped itself at the end of the last season, enabling Chuck to not only know about new things, but to physically learn new things, but because the tone of the show felt different. Monday's episode was a reassuring return to form, though, the Chuck we've all grown to love and that we've all sorely missed. It didn't hurt that Captain Awesome (one of the best characters EVER, btw, because not only does he rock at everything, but even though he knows he rocks at everything, he's still the nicest guy) was a major player. How I missed my Chuck and my Captain Awesome...and oh how I missed my weekly doses of Adam Baldwin! If Monday's episode is a sign of the season to come, I think we have another great season to look forward to.

Brandon Routh, Kristin Kreuk, Angie Harmon will all be guest starring this season (some in multiple-ep arcs)...NBC may have monkeys running their programming department 95 percent of the time, but let's thank those monkeys for showing their faith in this show by watching it...

Mondays on NBC!!!!

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