Sunday, September 21, 2008

2008 Emmys

Tonight are the Emmys at 8 pm EST on ABC. Much like the Oscars, sometimes the Emmy voters get it right. Sometimes they have a completely different inexplicable definition of "outstanding television" from me.

What wins am I hoping for?

Outstanding drama: I've never seen Dexter, Damages, or Boston Legal, but out of the other three nominees (Lost, House, Mad Men), even though the last two episodes of House this past season completely blew me away with how great they were, I'm hoping for a Mad Men win. I'm new to the Mad Men bandwagon, but if this show had been around in 2001, I may have considered this show for my college thesis paper on how television is art.

Outstanding comedy: I've never seen Two and a Half Men and only a handful of Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes, but I think I would be happy with either a 30 Rock or The Office win.

Outstanding lead actor in a drama: Jon Hamm, hands down. Love, love, love Hugh Laurie (especially considering that he is a British comic playing an American misanthrope), but Jon Hamm *is* the 1960s Madison Avenue ad exec Don Draper. I think the only reason I would hate to see him win is because it would be weird to see him as himself when he accepts the award.

Outstanding lead actress in a drama: The only one I'm familiar with is Sally Field in Brothers and Sisters, and even though I think she is excellent in her role as Walker family matriarch Nora Walker, I don't really have a preference here.

Outstanding lead actor in a comedy: Steve Carell has perfected the art of Michael Scott's social awkwardness and awkward earnestness on The Office, and Lee Pace is my tv crush on Pushing Daisies, but Alec Baldwin is golden as Republican NBC exec Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock.

Outstanding lead actress in a comedy: I would be happy with a Christina Applegate, Tina Fey or Julia Louis-Dreyfus win, but there's just something about Julia Louis-Dreyfus on The New Adventures of Old Christine that always leaves me giggling that gives her the edge on the other two.

Outstanding supporting actor in a drama: I'm not completely sold on Lost as great tv, but Michael Emerson is beyond creepy and yet still somewhat sympathetic as the mysterious Ben. That being said, John Slattery is an actor I've seen in other roles (unlike Jon Hamm), but he also has managed to become his character on Mad Men for me. Since I like Mad Men better than Lost and Slattery is a fellow alumnus of The Catholic University of America, I would be really happy with a win for him.

Outstanding supporting actress in a comedy: Chandra Wilson for Grey's Anatomy or Rachel Griffiths for Brothers and Sisters. In a show with many ups and downs, Wilson is always an up, and Griffiths nails her role as the eldest Walker sibling.

Outstanding supporting actor in a comedy: Neil Patrick Harris, hands down. How I Met Your Mother is one of the most underrated shows on tv right now. Why is nobody watching this hilarious and heartfelt comedy? I discovered it by accident and I've never stopped watching since. But in a show full of great story lines and great characters, if I had to give you one reason to start watching, Neil Patrick Harris's character of Barney Stinson would be it.

Outstanding supporting actress in a comedy: Eh. For some reason this category doesn't excite me, but I'd be happy with an Amy Poehler, Jean Smart, or Kristin Chenoweth win.

The only other categories I care about are outstanding lead actor in a minseries or movie and outstanding supporting actress in a miniseries or movie because I would love to see Ricky Gervais and Ashley Jensen win for Extras (Ricky Gervais is also the brilliant mind behind the original British The Office).

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