Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From 'New Girl': Schmidt and Robby, a match made in CeCe-loving, d-bag heaven

New Girl has become hit or miss for me this season, and Schmidt became such a popular character in the first season that this season it's sometimes felt like the writers have been cramming him down our throats, turning his adorable douchery into just, well, douchery.

But this? Yes. The rest of last night's episode was blah for me, but the Schmidt and Robby bromance? That I can totally get behind. That one storyline reminded me why I fell in love with Schmidt in the first place (besides my ever-loyal love for Max Greenfield as Leo on Veronica Mars). More of this please!

For the whole story, visit here.

Speaking of television, did you catch the Golden Globes? Are you like me, an active hater of the self-aggrandizing of these awards, or are you a fan? What did you think of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as hosts? My girl crush love for those two knows no bounds - I could watch them read the telephone book, I think, if telephone books still existed.

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