Saturday, August 27, 2011

Walking beside, not sitting on, the bandwagon

30 Rock and Modern Family are both television shows that have won the Emmy for best comedy. Both have been lauded as brilliant and ground breaking sitcoms.

I just don't get it.

Don't get me wrong - I watch both shows and I enjoy aspects of episodes in particular and the shows in general, but neither has ever been must-see tv for me. This could just be my "Mary Mary Quite Contrary" side coming out, where I don't like to do what everyone else is doing, but there are just so many shows I enjoy so much more. Take a show like Parks and Recreation for example - for me, that show is funnier than 30 Rock and more heartfelt than Modern Family.

Maybe it's because both 30 Rock and Modern Family have characters that irk me beyond belief - on 30 Rock, I have never found Jenna funny and I don't think she adds anything to the show, and Tracy Jordan is also now rising to Jenna levels of annoying. And on Modern Family, things that are supposed to be funny, like Claire's uptightness and Phil's cluelessness, just fall flat for me.

But don't get me wrong. While neither show is must-see for me, I do still watch. There are some good jokes and lines and there are characters that I think are very well written and really are funny - I love Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock and I think the platonic work relationship between Jack and Liz almost always works; also, I really enjoyed Matt Damon in his guest role as pilot Carol Burnett. Hee hee. And on Modern Family, there isn't anything I don't love about the Jay-Gloria-Manny family unit. Although Gloria is by far my favorite, which is nice, because I didn't like Sofia Vergara on any of her other shows.

And thus endeth my rant of the day :)

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