Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Royal Pains ends its summer run

Sometimes you want to watch a show that really makes you think, a show that blows your mind with its twists and turns, that's edgy, that takes risks, where no one is safe, where bad things happen to good people, and the good guy doesn't always win.

Sometimes you want to watch something that has you in stitches for hours even after it's over, just from thinking about it, something that leaves you giggling to yourself like a slightly mentally retarded individual, something that makes sight gags and physical comedy look like an art.

And sometimes you just want to watch something fun.

Royal Pains has become one of my guilty pleasures - it's just a bunch of nice people running around the Hamptons, helping nice people in need of medical care. Sometimes people have SERIOUS ILLNESSES, but Dr. Hank Lawson always figures it out in the end. Mark Feuerstein just seems like such a likeable actor, and he's found an equally likeable character in Hank; Paulo Costanzo as his brother Evan was perfect casting. It's not a badly written show by any means - it's like a perfect summer meal - light and pleasant.

Tonight was the summer finale, which makes it sound like it'll be back in the winter, which should be interesting, since it's such a summer show. It takes place in the Hamptons after all, and maybe that's another reason I love it, because I love New York, I love Long Island, and I love that they actually film what is supposed to be Long Island ON Long Island and not, say, Vancouver...although I would love it more if for the winter season, they filmed down my street again.

Also, can we keep Kyle Howard on the show? I always liked him on My Boys and his Dr. Paul Van Dyke is just enough of a douche to be different and edgy, bring a bit of a different dynamic to the show, and he's super cute (he kinda looks like my boyfriend)! :)

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