Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stuck in television limbo....

It's that time of year, folks, when summer programming is coming to an end and the regular fall schedule has yet to begin. USA Network has kept me busy with the likes of Royal Pains (still two more episodes to go! But no episodes filmed down the block from me this season...boo :() and White Collar, always light, entertaining summer fare and In Plain Sight (getting oh so bad unfortunately - thank God next season will be its last!) ... Too bad Psych didn't have a summer season, although maybe that'll mean we'll get more episodes in the winter...

True Blood on HBO has been hit or miss. There's not much that would keep me from watching Alexander Skarsgard but some of the writing and storylines this season (schmoopy Eric? Bleh) has really stretched the limit.

I've been reading up on some of the new fall shows previews on http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/ which is giving me a bit of a heads up on what to check out, though really, launching and maintaining new shows on television, at least on the major networks, is a crapshoot.

Thank God we live in the 21st century and have Netflix, On Demand, and Hulu to keep us connected to our regular favorites during this downtime - I've been watching and rewatching in particular Community, Parks and Recreation, Cougar Town, and Modern Family. These wondrous technologies also keep us connected to those shows that have been gone for oh so long and need to come back, stat, like Mad Men and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (about as far across the spectrum as two shows can get from each other, which just goes to show how broad my taste range is).

And it's also a good time of year to catch up on all those shows we wanted to check out while they weren't on but couldn't fit into our television viewing schedule, even with a DVR - for me, two of those shows were The League (awesome! Must post about this one soon, what with fantasy football and the football season starting soon) and Raising Hope. This is also where I checked out a few episodes of Running Wilde, which was excrutiating...I never thought I would hear the names "Mitch Hurwitz" or "Will Arnett" and run screaming for the hills, but that show totally did it.

And of course I'll be grateful for all that tv viewing technology when I finally work up the nerve to watch the series finale of Friday Night Lights - I still don't think I've stocked up on enough tissues for that one...

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