Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And we finally have our Top Chef top four

Oh, this show was trying to give me a heart attack tonight. I started out thinking they were editing Michael to be cut and then I started to get really, really nervous that Bryan was going to take the fall...which made me make a silent deal with the Top Chef gods that they could take the younger Voltaggio if I got to keep the older one for at least another episode. So even though I was starting to think I was super crushing on Michael, it turns out that Bryan - who, surprise, surprise, knows how to laugh! And did it more than one! - is the Brother Voltaggio I was pining over.

Anyway, Eli got the boot. I wasn't sorry to see him go, especially since it meant the top four I was hoping for way back when will be the ones competing in Napa. TV producers like to throw a dark horse and/or villain into the mix every now and then but I honestly believe that this season's four best chefs are the ones heading to the final and I'm very excited about that. Sometimes seeing the best compete against the best - with little to no drama amongst them, to boot! - makes for the most compelling and satisfying television. We want a winner who deserves to win. And who we like! And by "we" I mean "me."

I'm calling Kevin for the win. He's had this thing locked up since day one and unless he messes up but real good, the crown is his. This contest is his to lose. Though as we all know, as team captain, I'm still pulling for a Voltaggio upset :)

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