Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome back, show! How I've missed you!

All season, How I Met Your Mother has been good, better than most shows on tv, but with the slew of new, hilarious comedies that have premiered, it's seemed...a little off its game? I don't know. Something was wrong, and if this past ep was any hint, what was wrong was that Barney and Robin finally got together.

I hate thinking it and I hate writing it even more because I have loved the idea of Barney and Robin ever since the first season episode as bros, but all season long their romance/relationship has felt wrong. I don't know if it was because the characters together just don't work or if it was because the writers were just writing them wrong as a couple, but this week's episode, the first since their break-up, was hilarious. Here, finally, was the show I fell in love with. I felt like I was watching vintage How I Met Your Mother. While HIMYM might not be the funniest sitcom ever, I think it's funniest episodes are easily in the Top 10 funniest episodes of various as much as I will miss Barney and Robin as a couple (and even now hope that it's not over for good, foolish romantic that I am!), I welcome back my show with open arms and tears of joy.

Welcome back, show!

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