Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top Chef Final Four

We haven't even gotten to Restaurant Wars yet (which, btw, is next week...can't wait!!) but just to reiterate, as if I don't talk about it enough and who I think will make it to the end, if you watched last night's Top Chef, I'm calling the top four - the brothers Voltaggio, Kevin, and Jennifer - , barring any major, super missteps, as this season's Final Four. Even without his win in the first EC (more often than not, whoever wins the first elimination challenge wins the whole thing), Kevin has been beyond solid enough that I'm calling for him to win the whole thing - deservedly so, and like Stephanie from 2 seasons ago, seemingly so nice that you don't begrudge him the win...still, in my heart, I'm still rooting for and captain of Team Voltaggio... :)

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