Monday, October 26, 2009

The gypsy and the hobo

I didn't get to watch last night's episode of Mad Men until tonight, but this episode solidified my love for this show. The scene between Jon Hamm and January Jones when Betty confronts Don was the most powerful and moving television I've seen in years and quite possibly ever. I was literally moved to tears. It was devastating to see Don Draper's entire facade stripped away. I couldn't help but feel pride at how grown-up Betty was about her discoveries - rightfully outraged but also willing to not only listen but to hear Don. And I never realized how claustrophobic this show can make me feel (which I'm sure is it's intention with many of the scenes and characters) till I realized how free I felt as Don and Betty had their first honest conversation. Ever. A weight has been lifted. And for the first time ever also, seeing Don and Betty as much as equals as they've ever been. I can't even describe it. You have to watch it. It was a gamechanging conversation between these characters and a gamechanging moment for the series, I think. How wonderfully written and well acted that scene was, and representative of this show when it's on top of its game.

Anyway, two episodes left. If you aren't already on the Mad Men train, you really need to hop on. There's always plenty of room.

Oh, and ps, congrats to Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy, who got married to SNL's Fred Armisen this weekend (they met when Jon Hamm hosted SNL and she and John Slattery cute is that??)

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