Thursday, July 18, 2013

Emmy Awards 2013: Nominations Announced

Emmy Awards 2013: Nominations Announced

Take note, network television and advertisers - you have some competition! Netflix's series "House of Cards" received multiple nominations, including best drama, and Fox's best comedy series of yesteryear, "Arrested Development," resurrected by Netflix this year, scored a best lead actor in a comedy nod for the always classy and hilarious Jason Bateman. So networks, particularly the big 4, take note - time to step up your game and stop serving us uninspired, pedestrian crap.

On a side note, I'm not thrilled with all the nominees, although as I've gotten older I've learned that most award shows are popularity contests and that innovative, fresh, worthwhile fare are often overlooked. Best in show isn't always. Who am I happy about? Bateman of course (Jason, call me! Ha, seriously!). Amy Poehler for lead comedic actress, Bill Hader for supporting comedic actor, all Mad Men nominations...I've only seen one episode of Veep but I enjoyed it, it's my brand of funny.

Who were you happy to see included? Upset to see excluded? The Emmys will air Sept. 22.

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