Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From Zap2It.com: 'Psych' Slumber Party: Gear up for Season 7 with cast skits, prize giveaways and more

What better way to gear up to welcome back my long-lost, long awaited show than with a "slumber party" of fan-favorite episodes this Friday night? Cable puts out way better shows than the major networks for the most part nowadays but the bad thing about cable is it takes FOREVER for our favorite shows to return!! Ordinarily, this tv fangirl would be out partying on a Friday night. But now that I'm a pregnant tv fangirl, I may have to make plans to be in slumber partying on Friday night! Or maybe I'll just DVR the marathon (which starts at midnight) and spend a day in on Saturday! Either way - woo hoo! Ain't nothin' better - as Gus would say, "You know that's right!"

Read the whole story here. Besides the fan fave episodes that will air, there will be sneak peeks, prizes, and skits with the cast - bring it on!

Join the slumber party this Friday, Feb. 15 at midnight on USA.


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