Monday, November 3, 2008

Bizarro world, or maybe I don't know good tv after all...

Um, I think I may be cracking up. Because I think I just read that Kath & Kim received a full-season pick-up. And I know that can't possibly be true. Because that would mean there are actually people out there who like this show. Even if it's just the execs who ordered an entire season. It's maddening. I like Molly Shannon. I think she's very funny. But she seems to have only two switches: over the top or manic beyond belief. Both of which, like I said, can be funny. But usually in small doses. I think I saw one scene where she acted like an adult and put her daughter ahead of her own happiness and even got exasperated with Kim at one point, but then two seconds later, it disappears and they're bonding over something shallow and moronic. I think Kath can be worked with, if the writers wanted to. Her fiance doesn't bother me so much. I think really it's just Kim and her husband that make this quite possibly the worst show on television ever. Kim has no redeeming qualities. I love a good villain as much as the next girl. I love characters you just love to hate. But Kim is selfish and stupid and shallow with not a shred of self-awareness. And the worst part is that it's not being done in an ironic kind of way; it doesn't seem to be trying to comment on society or whatever. Apparently the writers just think we're supposed to find it funny that Kim dresses like a hooker and acts like a spoiled five year old and doesn't care at all about her mother or her husband, the two people who love her. And yes, we get it, Kim's husband is stupid, but just how stupid are we supposed to believe he is? What does he see in Kim? For that matter, what does Kim see in him? He's not rich. He doesn't cater to her every whim. Maybe I'm just expecting a little too much from television to ask that there be some motivation behind a character's actions, or for a character to have layers (even two would be better than one), or for the humor to be subtle or at the very least funny. I guess maybe I'm just a little too high-maintenance when it comes to being a television viewer.

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